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Marie appelée la Magdaléenne (Marie, Marie-Madeleine)

Marie appelée la Magdaléenne (Marie, Marie-Madeleine)

Site historique consacré à Marie, surnommée "la Magdaléenne" (alias Marie de Magdala, alias Marie-Madeleine)

Mary Magdalene The Unsuspected Truth

Recommended Book on Academia / Livre recommandé sur Academia

Mary Magdalene The Unsuspected Truth (Part I)

Mary Magdalene The Unsuspected Truth
Mary Magdalene The Unsuspected Truth
Mary Magdalene The Unsuspected Truth
Mary Magdalene The Unsuspected Truth

Notice to the Reader 


This booklet contains most of the information and discoveries recently published in:


Mary appelée la Magdaléenne

–  Ier - VIIIe siècle –

Entre Traditions et Histoire


Designed to allow the widest possible public to have easy access to the results of my work, no footnote (except references to the appendices) or reference will hinder reading. The discerning and/or more demanding reader is encouraged to read the academic version published in 2017 at the Presses Universitaires de Provence in the “Héritage méditerranéen” collection[1].


[1] A short summary of the results of this work is also available online on Academia : “Is Mary of Magdala the mother of Jesus?”:


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mary Magdalene  


Magdalene (Saint Mary-): sinner converted by Jesus Christ”

                                                                                 Little Larousse, 1966


Interview by Nicolas Koberich, Doctor of Philosophy and Writer




-          Thierry Murcia, you are an historian, a specialist in ancient Judaism and early Christianity and associate member of the CPAF, a research unit dependent on both the University of Provence and the CNRS (National Scientific Research Centre). You have just finished writing a book on Mary Magdalene and you made an utterly amazing discovery?...

-          Yes. In fact, this discovery dates to the mid-nineties, but at the beginning it was only a strong presumption.

-          But, first, what do we know about Mary Magdalene?

-          Not much. Most of our information depends directly on the Gospels: Mary Magdalene is mentioned among the women whom Jesus had cured and who had attached themselves to him. With a few others, she financially supported the small group of disciples.

-          And she is also among the witnesses of the Crucifixion ...

-          Absolutely. According to John, at Calvary, she is present at the very foot of the Cross. According to the Synoptics (the three other evangelists: Matthew, Mark, and Luke) she observes the scene but at some distance. She then attends the burial, and, on the Sabbath day, she is the first to go to the tomb of Jesus. According to John, Mary Magdalene is even the one who receive the first manifestation of the Risen One. And she is also the one who announces the good news to the disciples.

Mary Magdalene

The Unsuspected Truth

Part II


The full text of the Book is available as a PDF document (free download)

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