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Marie appelée la Magdaléenne (Marie, Marie-Madeleine)

Site historique consacré à Marie, surnommée "la Magdaléenne" (alias Marie de Magdala, alias Marie-Madeleine)

ABBA: "Father"! Simple coincidence or sign of the presence of God during the Crucifixion?

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Mary Magdalene The Unsuspected Truth (Part XXIII)

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The Passion of the Christ (Mel Gibson, 2004)
The Passion of the Christ (Mel Gibson, 2004)

The Passion of the Christ (Mel Gibson, 2004)

ABBA = “Father”? 

  • If we only keep the letters indicating the arrangement of the various elements, we get A-B-B-A three times, in other words: ABBA - ABBA - ABBA.
    • That is right.
  • And “ABBA”, isn’t it exactly how Jesus addressed “his heavenly Father”?
    • Yes. Abba means “Father” in Aramaic.
  • Is it a coincidence or something perfectly planned?
    • I do not know ... but you still have to be careful not to fall into overinterpretation.
  • Were the letters A and B already used in the time of Jesus to highlight the structure of a chiasm?
    • Whether you use the Latin letters A and B, the Greek letters Alpha and Beta, or the Hebrew and Aramaic letters Alef and Bet, you get the same result: ABBA. That is all I can say ...
  • And if it was not fortuitous what should you deduce from this? 
    • John might have meant that at Calvary, the earthly mother and the heavenly Father of Jesus are just as present: one physically, the other spiritually. God never abandoned His Son ...
  • This hypothesis is attractive.
    • But that remains a hypothesis.
  • Anyway, why this chiasmus, this series of chiasms, in this precise place?

Mary Magdalene

The Unsuspected Truth


Mary Magdalene

The Unsuspected Truth

Part I

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