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Marie appelée la Magdaléenne (Marie, Marie-Madeleine)

Marie appelée la Magdaléenne (Marie, Marie-Madeleine)

Site historique consacré à Marie, surnommée "la Magdaléenne" (alias Marie de Magdala, alias Marie-Madeleine)


Recommended Book on Academia / Livre recommandé sur Academia

Mary Magdalene The Unsuspected Truth (Part XXVIII)

Mary Magdalene with Seven Devils (James C. Christensen, 1942-2017)

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Demon or Daimon? 

  • Let us suppose you are right. These seven demons must have caused great embarrassment to early Christians!
    • You mean all those who were aware that Mary of Magdala was none other than the mother of Jesus?
  • Yes.
    • You are right. We can even say that Luke 8, 2 – relayed by Mark 16, 9 – is largely responsible for the schizophrenia of which the character of Mary Magdalene was the subject and the victim during centuries. For how can we admit that the mother of Jesus may have been “possessed”?
  • So what? ...
    • Most ancient writers have simply refrained from addressing the issue. Some have claimed that it was another “Mary of Magdala”. Others have not hesitated to betray the text by identifying her with “Mary of James”. More subtle authors have even interpreted the word “demons” in a positive sense ...
  • That is to say?
    • In Classical Greek, the word daïmôn has no derogatory connotation. The daïmôn is a divinity, a genius. Remember the demon of Socrates ...
  • His guardian angel, so to speak.
    • Exactly! Likewise, according to some Christians imbued with Gnosticism, Mary of Magdala received in herself – and then gave birth to – “the Seven Aeons in one composition”, in other words: Jesus himself.
  • The god” par excellence ...
    • We could say that. However, although ingenious, these palliative solutions, fragile and not very credible, provided only superficial and derisory answers to a deep problem which, over time, became practically insoluble ...

Mary Magdalene

The Unsuspected Truth


Mary Magdalene

The Unsuspected Truth

Part I

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