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Marie appelée la Magdaléenne (Marie, Marie-Madeleine)

Site historique consacré à Marie, surnommée "la Magdaléenne" (alias Marie de Magdala, alias Marie-Madeleine)


Recommended Book on Academia / Livre recommandé sur Academia

Mary Magdalene The Unsuspected Truth (Conclusion)

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The Last Supper, Mosaic of Sant’Apollinare Nuovo (ca 500-550 AD)

As a Conclusion 

  • Does this mean that we should also make a clean sweep of all the pictorial masterpieces where the Magdalene and the mother of Jesus appear together?
    • Nor is it necessary to remove the Last Supper paintings which show Jesus and the apostles seated around a table.
  • Instead of lying on triclinia.
    • Exactly. Therein lies the interest of History, of its richness and heritage ... 

February 2017[1]

[1] 2019-2020 for this translation.

Mary Magdalene

The Unsuspected Truth

Table of Contents

Mary Magdalene

The Unsuspected Truth

Part I

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